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Brunello e Rosso di Montalcino

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“If once I was fascinated by the density of a red wine made from the bold Sangiovese grapes, nowadays I have shifted my passion from the velvet to the sink, to a place of both equilibrium and elegance”


The main vineyard production area is located in ‘Poggio al Sole’, in the foothills of the mountain ‘Angelo in Colle’, at an altitude of  250 m, the total area of the holding  being less than  a single hectare. The limited extent of the this area allows a devotion to scrupulous attention to  various agronomic  practices, and every operational procedure is strictly manual, avoiding any introduction of machinery, which can potentially damage the natural texture and softness of the soil . The vineyards  planted in  1998 have a density of  6.700 plants per hectare, the yields corresponding to about 1 kg per wine-stock-that is about a bottle per plant. The 2015 Brunello vintage was extraordinary, because that year was characterized by a very hot summer, though with cool nights, and during the colour change  of grapes with smooth rains, which allowed the vines to reach perfect levels of ripeness for all of the grapes. On the other hand, during the harvest, the atmospheric temperatures dropped, and the relative lack of rainfall and the quite low humidity has given us a healthy fruit, with a total wine production of 1,000 bottles.


This vineyard near the ‘Sant’Antimo’ abbey, at an altitude  of 350 metres above sea level, is in an extremely small landholding, that extends for less than one hectare, with a planting density of 4000 plants per hectare, and as regards agronomic management practice and winery philosophy , we apply the same principles as provided for   ‘Brunello di Montalcino’. Fermentation takes place in stainless containers following a 12 months aging process in French oak barrels. The  2018 vintage was marked by heavy rainfall both during spring and winter, and this offset the water shortage that occurred in 2017. There has been a general trend for this vintage to be regular, resulting in a well balanced  wine  with a good freshness and acidity level.