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After more than twenty years of research, the creation of the first edition of ‘La Quadratura del Cerchio’ in 1995, finally identified a special terroir consisting of  small plots of land , extraordinary vineyards, complex soils and particular climatic conditions that run along  the imaginary line along the 43rd  parallel.  The 43rd parallel encompasses land and sea and the heat and the cold and is both magical and mystical, historical and modern passing  through Georgia, which is known as  the ‘cradle of wine’, Medjugorje, Santiago de Compostela, the famous destinations for pilgrimage, and finally terminates in Oregon, the new American frontier.  Moreover, the 43rd parallel  passing through Italy,  intersecting with the Italian peninsula at exactly the point where the best wines are grown, that is the regions of Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches,  so being the  best place to find the local grapes of great wines such as Verdicchio, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Vermentino and Sagrantino.

The right place is the 43rd North Parallel.

It is also the place to find the high distinctive terroirs, ranging from Chianti in the south to Montalcino  to ‘Crete Senesi’ and then to the soft green soil profile  of Marche . This strategic position between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas  gives the grapes in this corner of the earth an excellent complexity.

As a wine consultant and researcher, Roberto has always worked to maximise the expression of terroir in each of its related features.  He is a visionary winemaker, merging different kinds of terroir from territories remote and unpaved into new and fascinating blends of wine  full of  balance and strength .  Roberto considers it essential to work with his brother Giancarlo who has helped him create a perfect balance in his eclectic visions in winemaking . Thanks to his strong pragmatism and objectivity, Giancarlo has pushed Roberto to create the ideal ‘wine playground’ , that is a world where it is possible to  create a strong territorial brand from a blend of great indigenous grape varieties.




Toscana IGT

It is a white wine made from Vermentino and Verdicchio, the most representative of the grapes local to Italy, being cultivated in the regions of the 43rd  parallel which have a long-standing tradition as regards the wine growing and production . The harmonious and sophisticated Tuscan Vermentino wine goes perfectly with the mineral, lively Verdicchio wine of the Marche. A glass of this excellent blend of white wine is infused with the added value    of the essence of the Adriatic and the Tyrrenian seas, displaying both emotion and amazement.


Toscana IGT

The name ‘Punto’ allows us to reminisce as regards the beginning of our journey as this red wine made from a mix of the  pleasant and sensual Sangiovese grapes of Tuscany and the strong bodied Montepulciano grapes of Le Marche, which confer a remarkable consistency to the whole product.


Toscana IGT

A red wine made from 100% Sangiovese, may not necessarily compete with the renowned Tuscan DOC and DOCG wines, therefore may get thrown to one side! It’s a wine that faces new challenges in terms of its complexity, altitude and terroirs, which although unknown up until now,  is able to express its unique  and relevant personality.

la quadratura del cerchio

Toscana IGT

Actually, this is our bet as creating the perfect wine, using  Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes. These  are not only the most famous local grapes in the Italian oenological horizon, though are also wine varietals, having features in common despite the distance between their places of origin, and above all else they grow along the 43° parallel, the keystone of divine co-fermentations.