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Widespread terroir

Welcome glass and welcome in the winery.
Introduction in the Project “Cypress 43°” and explanation of the territories.
Tour in our cellar.


Tasting of the wines of the line “Cipresso43” including the iconic “Quadratura del Cerchio” IGT Toscana.


Runtime 1h 30 min.
Minimum 2 partecipanti.

Classic terroir

Welcome drink and welcome in the cellar.
Tour of the winery with explanation of the Sangiovese vineyard and Brunello di Montalcino.Description of the territory of Montalcino, of the wine project and of the vintages being tasted.


Tasting of sangiovese traditional line Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino, produced in the vineyard in Poggio Al Sole.


Runtime 2h 30 min.

Eureka!-Exclusive experience with Roberto Cipresso

Welcome glass and welcome in the winery.
Roberto Cipresso will guide you in an enological adventure and will reveal anecdotes and secrets about special wines of his private collection. An exclusive sensorial journey!


The tasting will take place in Roberto’s private cellar in Montalcino where exclusive wines, not present on the market, dedicated to the homonymous Wine Club will be tasted.


Reservation is required.

Runtime 2h 30 min.