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‘Winecircus’ was founded by Roberto Cipresso in 2001. It involves winemaking at a certain level, and it was for the first time in 1999
that professionals in the field joined together to give a hand to all winegrowers, who want to discover the fascinating world of winegrowing.

Our goal is to optimize and calibrate investments for every kind of firm, trying to enhance the places of origin and to offer our professionality and passion in our job. It involves a tailor-made consultation regarding terroirs, combining the new and the old , combining research and archeology.

We offer hospitality to all firms, that want to launch their activity in the early and delicate stages of this development, offering them vast spaces, modern technology, a qualified team, and the precious resource  of  Roberto Cipresso.

All this is very important for a business as it will give them an idea about all the possible problems that might occur regarding places of origin, the costs involved in opening a cellar.


  •  ‘Winecircus’ analyzes the ecosystem of the territory taking into account the potential and limits of their property;
  • Winecircus checks the state of existing vineyards by evaluating the recovery and/or renewal of the cropping system;
  • Winecircus estimates the efficiency of the current equipment on site;
  • Winecircus educates the firm’s staff in order to pursue oenological objectives with respect to the job of agronomy;
  • Winecircus develops new areas for viticultural research by studying and comparing the values ​​of the different vintages;
  • Winecircus contributes to the design and to the construction of the cellar adopting the necessary strategies in order to produce a   wine, which  is the most realistic expression of the place of origin and of the expectations of the owners;
  • Winecircus selects materials and tools, which are essential  to  achieve pre-established oenological objectives, and to develop new areas of oenological research;
  • Winecircus samples, tastes and analyses the wine in every moment of its evolution;
  • Winecircus coordinates image, philosophy and evaluates any competitors for a rapid launch on the  market.


‘Winecircus’ is able to guarantee complete assistance to its customers on request. Our consulting services for  companies ranges from help in agronomic and oenological areas as well as the following fields:

  • Financial advice;
  • Business Consultation;
  • Accounting – Administrative Consultancy;
  • Tax advice;
  • Legal advice;
  • Finance facilities;
  • Registrations of the trademark.


Bringing a successful product to market depends on the design of the product as well as communication.

Our press team works on sharing any news of our national and international winemaking activity communicating globally with wine journalists.


Professional architects and craftsmen work with us to create spectacular wineries, where wine is made, where wine evolves and sleeps.